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This site is provided as is. It is meant to be a resource to the community, to provide entertainment and a general education on how to dance. It is understood that we (Sharon and Jon Bott) are social dancers, and not competitors. The instruction provided is to help others learn to dance socially. Some dances represented here are built upon the USABDA syllabus, while others are more social and do not have a set syllabus nor codified instruction or technique.

As said before this site is for the community, and we do not compete, so the instruction may not reflect what technique and style is the 'latest rage' at the competitions. We dance how we dance, and want to share how we dance. This site is not meant to be a replacement of instructors by any means, as online teaching is not adequate for teaching partner connection, in depth styling, momentum, how to flurt, etc. These require individual attention. Please see the Instructors section for suggestions of instructors, and clips of their own style and technique.

Also we are not responsible for any damage, injuries, theft, loss, etc that may result because of practice or execution of moves, lifts, styling, or anything provided on this site. Injuries can happen if the things taught on this site are not done properly.

On the other side of the coin, we hope you enjoy your visits here, and learn something whether it be styling, moves, or learn about other sites we have linked to.


Enjoy yourselves and have fun dancing,

Jon and Sharon



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